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Estonian National Youth Council

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Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) is an umbrella organisation formed in 2002. As a one of the biggest youth organisation in Estonia, they are a network for both local youth councils and variety of different youth organisations.


ENL promotes cooperation between youth associations and active participation of young people in society. It focuses on advocacy both national and international level while offering development opportunities to Estonian youth. ENL supports a society where every young person can participate in quality youth organisations. They believe that youth organisations are key actors in their field of expertise, taking part in youth organisations is recognised and valued amongst society and their activities have socially significant impact. 

The logo consists of the letters E - N - L.

The ENL logo is made out of multiple modules that come together as one which symbolises the organisation itself. It's also important to note that the logo is a perfect square shape and all the letters inside it are evenly divided to create a sense of equality - all sides are equal which is an important part of the ENL way of thinking. To really give the brand a youthful but serious feel we also went with bold and strong colors to represent the organisation. 

Fanstastic to work on such a well-intended project with such motivated people.

We really enjoyed working with ENL as we felt connected to the project itself. It's important that the youth could have a voice in society as they are the ones that will have to take over sooner or later and it is Estonian National Youth Council's mission to do just that - give the youth a voice! We certainly think that their new brand will allow them to be more seriously taken both in Estonia and abroad.