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Liis Lemsalu is one of the most recognized female artists in Estonia. She’s the Estonian Idol winner of 2011 and has had huge success ever since. We have been working with Liis for over 2 years on multiple projects, including different single covers & lyric videos. This time her team approached us with her second studio album called „+1“.

The process for the album cover started with a brainstorm including our team, the stylist, the photographer and of course the artist and her team. We came up with a concept that involved a photoshoot with huge soap bubbles that play beautifully on the photos and a lot of scribbling.

We had Liis in the studio scribbling full about 10 A4 pages with different symbols, emojis, writings.

To make the scribble more personal we had Liis in the studio scribbling full about 10 A4 pages with different symbols, emojis, writings which we scanned in and used in the album artwork. It was really interesting later on to match these symbols to the different songs in the booklet inside the covers. Finding keywords to match the illustrations with and using them on the photos, sometimes almost as tattoos. The soap bubbles were the second element used on the covers and in the booklet. We just love how the soap reflection works with the pink background, it is really beautiful and it’s such a playful element to work with.

Printing quality adds a premium touch.

Since physical albums are slowly dying out in the industry we felt like giving an extra touch to this one. All the illustrations on the cover are UV-lacquered while Liis on the front cover and her hand on the back cover are embossed. So the physical album has a really premium feel to it.