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Öli Organic Skincare

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Öli Organic Skincare is Estonia's first 100% organic skincare product with a line of oil products for skin and hair. There are a lot of organic products on the market but Öli uses only 100% organic sertified base oils for their products and they are the only brand where the whole product line is completely organic.

Due to the fact that their line of products suits many different age groups and both men and women we had to find a way to keep the brand appealing to different target groups. Öli Organic Skincare is a minimal brand with focus on the product itself.

Don't hide the product.

Öli Organic Skincare's logo is inspired by the product itself - the oil. It is fluent, liquid, dynamic. To balance the dynamic logomark we chose a strong and clear typeface - Baton & Baton Turbo by Fatype. The most important part of the brand was to keep the oils themselves as visible as possible as their premium quality is also visible in their tonality and we did not want to hide the product so only clear glass is used on the bottles and the labeling is very minimal and covers little of the bottle itself. To contrast the oil and give every oil a special feel we chose strong colors to represent every oil and gradients for premium oils.

Öli's packaging is recycable.

Öli Organic Skincare's products are all packaged in a tin can to keep up the quality of the oil itself. This is because oils are sensitive to light and can lose their potency. The recycable tin can was an ideal solution to keep the bottle itself clear and the oil in it visible but package them in a dark can on the shelves or at home for the oil itself to be as long lasting and good as possible.