Client —

The North Estonia Medical Centre

Date —

2017 - 2019

Categories —

Art Direction




We have been working together with North Estonia Medical Centre for three years on various projects. It has been a real pleasure to work on projects and campaigns that are supposed to make people think about their health or change their ways of living for a healthier option.

Anti-smoking Campaign

The idea behind the anti-smoking campaign was to show the positive sides of quitting smoking instead of all the negatives that come with smoking. It was a really simple solution but differs much from anything else out there especially compared to the obnoxious photos that you can find on cigarette packs. We had around ten different key points starting from 1 hour to 10 years on how quitting smoking will affect your body and your health. The illustrations make the message a little easier to read and not as serious, another step away from the regular way smokers are usually targeted.

Apheresis Donation Campaign

Apheresis is a way to give more in a single donation. Plasmapheresis is used to collect multiple treatment doses of plasma from a single donor. The main message of the campaing became "The power of multiple people flows within you" (sounds better in Estonian) and the illustration shows one person standing in front with four different shadows behind him showing that anybody could make the difference. Being an apheresis donor is a thing of honour, you can be the everyday hero.

Christmas Card

PERH's new slogan starting from 2019 is "Investing in people's health" and it was important to introduce this new slogan on their Christmas / New Years card. Focusing on the word investment we felt we could find a great way to bring that as relatably to people as possible, by making a credit card shape and design for the Christmas card. But not only does it just look like a card you can invest with, the paper it's printed on is called "seed paper" and this specific one had thyme seeds in it. Meaning with this card you can actually invest in your own health by putting this card in soil and pouring water over it. Thyme itself is very good for your health and is used for stomach issues, as an antiseptic, as a calming herb etc. Of course thyme just goes well with mediterranian food if that's how you prefer it.

Blood Centre Campaign

Illustrating physical exercises with a blood drop character was a big challenge but one we overcame well in this project for the Blood Centre at North Estonia Medical Centre. The idea was to show different exercises the doctors themselves could do daily and that don't need nothing but the tools provided in front of the posters to keep fit, to keep moving every day and keeping yourself healthy. This was an inhouse project targeted at the centre's own staff.