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"Rahu" is the fourth studio album by the Estonian artist reket. The album faced huge success in Estonia and was one of the most popular albums of 2018. By the artists' own words, "Rahu" describes the evolvement of himself as an artist; trying not to get caught up in the regular clichés and boring formulas of pop music. You can find humour, storytelling as well as the passion, one of the main characteristics of reket, on this album.

Taking all of this into account, our main challenge became showing all of these characteristic on the physical album itself. Luckily working with an artist such as reket was a real treat as his contribution to the whole concept was crucial in coming up with the design. We love working side by side with the artists, have their input, that's what makes the end result personal and one of a kind!

Instead of a regular booklet this album features a large two-sided poster which folds into the album cover.

Images and tonality had to be spot on with such a minimalistic design and thanks to a fantastic shoot with Iris Kivisalu we had great material to work with. The idea was to do something different which resulted in a large 360x480mm poster showing the artist in full length that folded into the album cover. The large image of the artist was covered with lyrics and the second side of the poster showed a large blurry portrait of the artist himself. Movement was crucial in the image style to really paint a picture of the feel and story of the music on the album.

The constant folding of the poster and putting it back in the album cover becomes really noticable.

Quote from reket –

"The album design for Rahu came from a desire to make the tangible part of the music as beautiful as the music itself.

The CD fold-out had to feel really superior in your hands but at the same time it was supposed to embrace the traces of its inevitable wear as the design and paper grows in character after frequent use."