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Saaremaa Rannafestival

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Saaremaa Rannafestival was a 3 day music festival with some of the biggest artists in Estonia. The festival took place on a beautiful beach strip with the stage set right next to the water on the longest days of the year in June.


The festival needed a playful and colorful brand that would be appealing to most age groups and give off the vibe of a beach festival. We wanted the design to be flowy, colorful and easy to work with since the festival and the festival marketing needs a lot of different materials in different mediums it was important that the key design elements would be adaptive.

Flowy shapes and gradients became the main visuals.

Our main shape became the outline of Saaremaa which is the biggest island of Estonia and where the festival took place. That was always the centerpiece while other colored gradients supported the main visual. The other key element was the usage of images as we always used cut images on top to create a two-dimensional look. We felt Artico was a really clear font to use for the festival and had an especially nice bold weight that we wanted to use.

Adaptivness is key to large scale branding.

The main challenge when working with Saaremaa Rannafestival was certainly working with all the different mediums and finding a solution to keep the brand consistent. Our works for the festival included branding, a TV ad, animations, print materials, web banners, social media materials etc. The adaptivness of the key design elements really helped us be successful with this project and find a good solution for every format and medium.