What Takes Place In Tartu? 2019

Client —

Tartu City Council

Department of Culture

Date —

Tartu, a university city with a lively and colourful
cultural life, is known for its youthful atmosphere
where many internationally important big events
take place. This small book provides an overview of
these great events over the year 2019.


Categories —

Art Direction


Every event had to feel different and special.

Since every event is of it's own kind we really wanted to emphasize that and created specific illustrations for all the events that really bring the book alive and create nice diversity. Since the photo material wasn't the best for all events we had to be creative, most of the events only had one proper photo that was sent to us so to keep a more fun layout we decided to cut up the photos into two or three on every event page. This way we could play around with a few different images per layout but only had to use one photo for it. It becomes really interesting throughout the book because sometimes you understand they are the same photo and sometimes it's difficult to find how two images could've been the same to begin with.

You can see the book in full here.

The book was divided into 4 different seasons by colors - winter, spring, summer, autumn. The book itself is 15x15cm which makes it very handy and easy to carry for tourists - the main target group for the book. 

In terms of the illustrations it was fun to find a good and central style to describe events from marathons to rallying all the way to a Metallica concert. But the illustrations really bring this book alive and give the events a certain feel and sense.