Tooth Rescue Concept

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Dental Traumatology Projects

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If a tooth has been knocked out, the sensitive cells on the periodontal membrane must be preserved. If the tooth is stored incorrectly, these important cells die within a very short time. The tooth rescue box contains a special cell nutrient solution, which ensures the preservation of these cells for up to 48 hours. Meaning you will have time to have a dentist put back the tooth. Through Tooth Rescue Concept website your can find the location for both, the nearest tooth rescue box as well as the nearest dentist.

The company Dental Traumatology Projects is dedicated to the coordination of various projects dedicated to the preservation of dental health with a thematic focus on dental trauma. The services include the support of more than 45,000 facilities in seven countries, the technical and logistical administration as well as the completely centralized project management in the dental rescue concept project.

Creating awareness with a brand.

Since this brand has a very broad audience it was very important for us to create a brand that would speak to a wide range of people. The second main idea was to keep it as simple as possible as people might come to this brand in emergency situations. The illustrations became a very big part of that since it's something anyone can understand without even reading. The illustrations also play a large part in creating awareness since the key idea of this project is not to just sell tooth rescue boxes to schools, public sports places etc, it's to let people know that there is a solution, there is a way to save your tooth.

It's important to work with projects that we believe in ourselves.

Regarding colors, orange really gets the attention and the simple message on the materials "Lost a tooth?" is very forward. The whole brand is as simple and easily understandable as possible while still keeping a nice aesthetic. The mellow violet color is very soothing which is important in a stress situation and the font, Halyard Display has very good readability.

Working with social projects such as these is a real joy for us as it really makes a difference and hopefully might save a few smiles.