Clients —

BC Kalev/Cramo

The Dayrooms
Roberta Einer



Tallinn City Council

Tallinn Design House

Date —

2015 - 2018

Categories —

UX / UI Design

Art Direction



Over the years we have worked on different websites, web reports and e-shops.

Here is a small selection of these sites.

BC Kalev/Cramo is a ten time Estonian basketball champion.

Their new website is built on a three column layout that let us use some of the elements through-out the page so that the most important information would always be available to the user. The way the whole website is built is quite playful and leaves a lot of room for the design. Our most influencial personal touch to the website was certainly the way we brought out and emphasized the most important value of the club – the players. Bringing them into focus we decided to add a column with action photos of the players throughout the website and a really personalized player page with the photos in focus. The player action shots and the website style also expanded to all the prematch advertisments all over town so in a way this  turned from a website design to a small branding project.

The Dayrooms was created out of desire to introduce unique and edgy designers to the most sophisticated fashion lovers. The look of their web is free flowing and easy to the eye while focusing on the designers stories that they stock. We wanted to emphasize the people behind the brands - the creators. Create a true feeling between the client and the designers.

Roberta Einer creates experimental, luxury womenswear with a focus on textiles and traditional couture techniques. Playful embellishments and hand-embroidery decorate specially sourced fabrics to create her daring more-is-more, feminine aesthetic. The website is solely focused on her works while also bringing in a little bit of her own touch with handwritten texts but the main purpose of the website is to show the collections and lookbooks.

Colonna Charity Gala raises tens of thousands euros every year for charity and is a very prominent event taking place in Tallinn yearly. The 2017 Gala took place in the Seaplane Harbour which inspired the wave motives in the design.

Noncommunicable diseases are among the most talked about health issues of 2018. Due to the scope and complexity of the problem, however, attention and investments from multiple stakeholders across several key areas — from awareness to prevention, and diagnosis to treatment — are needed, as well as recognition of the existing gaps and imbalances. More attention is often paid to the prevention and treatment of NCDs, for example, while intervention opportunities in the space between prevention and treatment are often misunderstood and underinvested. 
With these challenges in mind, Devex, in partnership with international health technology company Philips, surveyed more than 1,200 health care professionals about the roles early detection and diagnosis play in the fight against NCDs. 

Tallinn Annual Report is a website that gathers all the statistics from the City Government over the course of the year.

Tallinn Design House gathers and supports Estonian design from fashion to furniture and has a shop/showroom/event space in the centre of Tallinn.